My Top 10 Moments of 2013

2013 has been a pretty busy year for me, my last year of college took up the 1st half and my new roles at my workplace has took up the 2nd half of the year, while it has been stressful at times, there have been plenty of memorable moments for me, involving games, music and of course anime.

These are the things I will remember when I look back after the year, so here we go:

1) Five minute short anime can actually be really good.


mA2fCyUFor a long time, I thought the majority of 5 minute anime were terrible, so saying that we got a bunch of really good short anime this year and that was a nice change, Inferno Cop was the highlight of this, I loved it so much that I did a review on Anime UK News.

Thankfully Inferno Cop wasn’t the only short I really liked, Turning Girls is a short Slice Of Life show on girls nearing there 30’s and how the show revolves around there situations, the Kaeru episode is one of the best. Also I would like to mention Teekyu for also being absolutely insane yet hilarious (and not about tennis).

2) Becoming a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fan

3389740-4235645489-13573Buying Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Dreamcast) on XBL Arcade, Watching the Jojo Anime series, buying Iggy’s stand figure, importing Jojo’s All Star Battle, joining the Jojo: All Star Battle English version promotion crowd at MCM Comic Con and reading the Jojo manga parts 1 to 6. This is all the Jojo stuff i’ve done all year, it’s a lot isn’t it?

If I’m going to remember 2013, Jojo is definitely going to be a highlight, everything about the franchise is insane but it pulls everything off and makes everything feel fun and exciting, many people I knew loved Jojo and I hope the anime adaption of Stardust Crusaders ends up being phenomenal as well.

3) Scotland (Bacon) Loves Anime 2013

EE-Poster-1024x432I’ve talked plenty of Scotland Of Anime and how awesome it was, so I would like to thank everyone who I met or talked to for making this a memorable one!

Reviews on the films & further thoughts can be found here!

4) Both MCM London Comic Con’s

984013_10151422165636892_254000126_nSadly due to College, I could only do May MCM Comic Con for a day but I was very privileged to shake hands with Cowboy Bebop director – Shinichirō Watanabe. Sadly there wasn’t much I can remember about this one.

IMG_0689On the other hand, October MCM Expo was much more relaxing and fun, a bit short as well, I really should consider going on Sunday again, it was the day I did plenty of Jojo posing with the creators of All Star Battle, a day I decided to get into Weiss Schwarz and I got to meet some of the WIT Studio crew (Attack On Titan).

I hope to continue to meet more people at these conventions & I’ll be going to Ireland Expo next year.

5) Converting from Xbox to Sony

maxresdefaultSix years after owning a Xbox 360 and playing all my games on that console, I finally cracked and bought three Sony Consoles, my first purchase was the PS Vita and thanks to PS+, I managed to play some of the interesting games on the system and played some interesting indie games, PS+ was also a reason  to purchase a PS3, since I needed to play all the late JRPGS that went onto that console.

However, thanks to my Uncle, I did get a PS4 in the end and while the game launches have been lacking, I really like the interface and the games i’ve played on it.

I think I’m going to stay with playStation for a long time, since most the Japanese RPG’s & other games will go onto that console. Well played Sony, well played.

6) My favorite album of the year is a Black Metal Album

Deafheaven-Sunbather11I hated black metal & in a way, I still do but Deafheaven – Sunbather is really damn great, it’s album that’s brings more hope than despair, it makes you feel triumphant and every-time I listen to it, it makes me feel so good, I recommend you give it a listen.

Didn’t listen to a lot of albums this year but this album was a highlight.

7) It’s been a good year for anime, if you forget the Winter season

81100b9cd82cb6be346015de7c56e1ba1375831694_fullWhen you had Sasami-san being a disappointment, Tamako Market being a total waste of time and Oreshura being my worst anime of the year, almost all the shows airing in the winter season were awful, in matter of fact, I was worried how this year of anime would pan out.

Thankfully we had plenty of shows I enjoyed this year – Jojo Part 2, Psycho-Pass Part 2, Eccentric Family, Monogatari S2, Attack On Titan, Watamote, Silver Spoon, Kyosogiga. All these shows including shows carrying onto next year like Kill La Kill and Samurai Flamenco will continue some enjoyable anime to next year.

Looking forward to next years anime offerings. (I also watched Hajime No Ippo this year as well, best thing I did)

8) Phoenix Wright – Dual Destines

dualdestinies1_thumbYAY! FINALLY! We finally got a sequel to one of my favorite gaming franchises and it didn’t disappoint, the first Phoenix Wright game to come on the 3DS introduced 3D models and new characters into the fray while also developing old friends, Apollo Justice turned into one of my favorite characters in the franchise.

Dual Destines is probably my game of the year in the end, there were plenty of games i’ve played this year but it’s the one that I enjoyed and the game I got more emotionally invested in, if only I could beat Persona 4 Golden this year though, I could of considered that! 😀

9) E3 2013

630xE3 was as usual, one of my favorite events of the year and 2013 didn’t disappoint, I also believe E3 was the trigger for me to buy all of Sony’s consoles, the way Sony basically said that the PS4 will play used games might of been pointless in previous years but considering Microsoft’s always DRM policy back when it was confirmed, the internet went crazy and so did I.

Some nice reveals on both consoles and plenty of buzz, E3 continues to be a highlight of my year and I hope that it continues.

10) Persona live-stream

maxresdefault1Lastly, how I can I forget the Persona live stream that trolled us for around 40 minutes, again it was one of those internet went crazy but in the end we got three persona games along with the reveal of Persona 5, hurrah!

Atlus trolled us hard but I’m happy that they did (still, sub your livestream for your worldwide fans next time Atlus).

Happy new year to everyone and I hope you have a great 2014.


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