I Play PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Like A Metal Gear Solid Game.


I decided to talk about my experiences playing early access hit PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds because I’m probably playing the game much different than most players and because of this, not only am I enjoying the game in a strange way but I’m also finding success with top 10 finishes and a few chicken dinners.

Lets just get this out of the way, so far, I suck at Battlegrounds, my kill rate averages around 1 kill per game, I lose the edge on my opponents, they kill me with ease most of the time and lets not talk about the accidental kills I’ve done.

So what I decided to do is have a think about my play style and learn things my opponents DON’T do & what spots are never searched. Thus, with my new found strategy, I gave it a shot.

This involves a lot of planning and I will admit – Luck, I always seem to stick to the south island near the bridges and boating to different places so my opponents don’t see me, then when the circle closes in, I either crouch walk or prone, depending on the situation.

Sadly, my nerves start to kick in around top 10, but I’ve done well to get these high place finishes whenever I can, some of my favorite moments involve these heated battles.

It was this week on Tuesday is where my strategy saw success getting my first ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!’, basically I stuck to my role, I managed get a lucky kill somewhere along the way & my final opponent hid behind a tree while I prone snuck to the safe circle while my opponent was stuck outside it and in a panic ran straight towards me & get me that game win.

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds truly makes that moment feel special somehow, it’s one of my moments in gaming, just the way I shout “YES!” ten-twenty times.


I kind of thought more about it more now & I thought “Hey, I’m playing this like a Metal Gear Solid” game, it really did hit me, I’m playing PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds like a stealth game.

I’m grabbing useful weapons (Although I hardly use them), I’m trying my darn hardest not to get spotted and I’m hiding in the grass much like I was doing in MGS3.

I kind of what to stick to this play style as long as I can, it fits me like a glove, I got my 2nd Chicken dinner yesterday, thanks to my last 2 opponents pretty much killing each other near the hospital.

So I’ve made my mark, maybe I’ll start turning on the MGS theme or Snake Eater while I play more often.



Reevo’s awards of 2016



Yep, this year was bad for multiple reasons but in terms of myself, I’ve had a decent one where I have gone through job changes & catching up on old video games that I’ve forgot to play.

Still, I wanted to write about some of the highlights of this year because it’s been a very good year for video games & anime especially, so here is a bunch of personal awards categories I wanted to do.

Anime Of The Year

The anime I’ve watched this year is strong, I did catch up on some of the more popular shows that have grace 2016, one of them surprisingly watch Dragonball Super, which has tickled my nostalgia bones while also providing some entertaining new content after some lousy re-cap movie episodes & Lupin The Third (2015) having some of the best single episodes of the year.

Honorable Mentions

First lets start off with Mob Psycho 100, a solid team-up with Mangaka ONE & Studio BONES that didn’t disappoint in the animation department, Mob is one of the most relatable protagonists of 2016 and the story is mostly about how he doesn’t rely on his massive psychic powers & to better himself without them, a solid show.

If I were to give an award to “Studio that snapped out of being bad”, it would have to be DEEN because KonosubaShouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu are great shows that gave me a mix of great comedy & the other tense drama, it’s surprising that they balanced this during the Winter season, I find flaws in them but I can’t wait for both of there season 2’s.

Western influenced anime also came in strong this year with both Joker Game & 91 Days providing some spy & gangster stories that were entertaining to watch, some very grim set-pieces, I really want to see these dubbed & I hope to see more in the future.

Lastly, Girls Und Panzer: Der Film continued the tradition of blowing up tanks while providing some funny moments, Your Name was beautiful & heartwarming, A Silent Voice is the best anime Kyoto Animation have done since The Disapperance Of Haruhi and Kizumonogatari Film 1 & 2 was everything I wanted a film version of the franchise & the best films I saw this year, before I name my actual anime of the year.

Winner Of Anime Of The Year But Isn’t Actually “Anime” Of The Year

Thunderbolt Fantasy


If this counted as an anime, Thunderbolt Fantasy would of been a very strong favorite but I’m going to  give it this anyway because my god I love this show, it’s puppetry direction is awe-aspiring, I like the new CGI Thunderbird re-boot but this knocks it out of the park.

It’s mostly thanks to Gen Urobuchi who continues to be one of the polarizing writers in anime but making this show must of been a risk but it looks like it paid off due its sales.

It’s action is wonderfully crafted, the music is amazing & the characters are likable and unpredictable, I can praise the show for a while but since a 2nd project is happening in the future, lets leave it at that, go watch it.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable 


Although Part 3 wasn’t amazing to a point where I would of been giving it this award, the anime adaption of Part 4 was a huge success I thought, it was the anime that I watched as soon as I came home from my evening hours on Friday.

Having a full year of Diamond Is Unbreakable was pure joy since I would watch Jotaro’s adventures are be totally entertained, plus we got to see one of the most refreshing villains after a solid run of total evil characters in Stardust Crusaders.

Great Days is also my Opening of the year with some great visual & a fantastic theme to go along with it, I will miss Jojo again for maybe a year or two but I will be back for Part 5 when that happens.

Game Of The Year

Honorable Mentions

I have been missing out on most of the great games that have come out this year but since this came out in January, Trails of Cold Steel is a good JRPG which worried me at the start because it would rely too much as a Persona/Tales of style game but I was proven wrong since I liked the characters, the battle system & it’s world, one of my best moments of that game was at the end where I was like “Is this actually happening!?”, I’m currently playing the 2nd game, so I hope this one gets even better.

For western games, DOOM and Hitman provided the best surprises of my year, Hitman I was the most worried about due to it’s unusual release schedule, I kept saying to my brother that it will be a stripped down game, turns out that they provided some of the best sandbox Hitman levels ever & best Hitman game ever and I was really happy with this & Doom’s Campaign is amazing & Fun.

Lastly Phoenix Wright 6: Spirits Of Justice came in 2nd, due to it’s solid cases & some of the best story twists & turns I’ve experienced.

And Yay! Final fantasy XV didn’t suck!




This game man, THIS GAME.

Spent way too much time on this game, previously I was addicted to Counter Strike Source, Guild Wars & Team Fortress 2 and now this comes along and takes most of my free time away.

Overwatch is the very first Bizzard game that I have truly fell in love with, all the characters are fun to use, the game never punishes you when you play badly, the learning curve is rewarding and I just deeply love this game and I will continue to play it.

Also Zenyatta is the best.

Now some small categories:

Magic The Gathering Set Of The Year



Close between Conspiracy 2 but I’m really enjoying what I’ve played of the new standard set, lotter scotter and all.

I also spent alot of money to finish my Modern deck this year.

I should not do this….

Molly moment of the year

I love you Molly.

That’s about it for me, have a good New Year, get to 2017 so we can enjoy Persona 5 finally.


Me and my birthmark


I kind of wanted to create this blog post for a while now, I hardly write any of my social life on any media or the blog posts i’ve created on hear, still I wanted to write about something that i’ve had for all my life and that is my birthmark.

I was born with a mole on the right side of my mouth, my parents never really said anything about it when I was an infant and neither did I really, everyone treated me as normally and obviously that was expected.

The same can be said for most of my primary school life in Erdington, although questions started to pop up on it like “What’s that on your mouth” and I would always say that “It’s a birthmark” and nothing else.

It wasn’t until secondary school where things really started to get bad and bullying came into effect, I also hardly made any friends, I did make one but he made me into a bit of an idiot and we fell out in a year.

My parents offered me to remove the mole if I wanted but I refused due to – 1) Not wanting to go to a hospital. 2) Didn’t want them to pay a ton of money for it.

Secondary School got better in Birmingham surprisingly and met a group of really good friends that got me into rock music but I soon transferred to the countryside in 2002 and where I’m living now.

The 2nd half of Secondary School in a new school again was a mix of my awkward behavior which lead me to being took the mick out of but the overall worst of it came around 2002 -2004.

You see, in 2002 there was a sequel movie that came out – Austin Powers in Goldmember that was extremely popular with teenagers around my age:

It wasn’t long until kids, young & old teenagers at school or in towns started to do the “MOLELY,MOLELY,MOLELY,MOLELY” joke to me and it was insufferable for a while, I’d hear it every week, I still liked that movie when I watched it in the end but I really hated what that movie did to my social life.

This never stopped me going to school though, maybe I asked for a few sick days but I never suffered any depression, I think that’s thanks to video games actually.

Thankfully the rest of my school life got much better once everyone stopped watching it, I still got the mole joke occasionally but I met friends that defended me from it.

Now-a-days I’m really glad that I never got it removed, it’s something that makes me easily recognizable to anyone that hasn’t personally met me before, especially on twitter.

I’m kind of thankful that I have it now and long may it stay there.



My Thoughts On Undertale.


Since I played Undertale, I’ve noticed a bunch of let’s play’s and reviews that have featured this, it’s one of the most talked about indie games of last year, so I decided to write my thoughts on the game and my feelings towards it.

When it was released back in September, I did see plenty of praise from critics but I didn’t take any notice, mostly due to the art design, I have played a bunch of retro style plat-formers throughout the years and seeing another 16-bit inspired game didn’t interest me, plus it was pitched to me being a tribute to Earthbound, which I never played (I will soon).

It wasn’t until small internet talk and twitter re-tweets when I finally started to take notice, the only thing I knew before is the character Papyrus and his design, obviously there must of been much more to that character rather then him looking like a superhero skeleton, so I decided to wait for a Steam sale.

During the Winter Steam sale, I finally bought it and installed it, ready to play, thankfully I still felt like I  didn’t know what this game was going to offer me, except for maybe watching the 1st 10 minutes of the Giant Bomb Quick Look.

I played through Undertale as any other RPG, I knew there was a ‘Spare’ mechanic but I wasn’t shy to fight some of the monsters that came my way, again playing it as it was a normal game. Obviously I was exploring, talking to NPC’s and really liking the comedy that was offered, so I was enjoying the early parts of the game.

It was until a boss at the mid-point of the game where I got a certain phone-call where I finally thought “Am I playing this game right or is it just me?”, It was the first time I went back to a boss and looked at the battle a different way and felt rewarded for it.

After that I decided to save all the monsters until I got to the end game, even taking my time on the boss battles (Game Over’s were plenty) until I got to the end game stuff.

The soundtrack was also going in high gear, I love most of the late game music of Undertale, there is a moment where you walk through a long section of the game and I could feel goosebumps in my chest.

Then there is the big twist at the end of Undertale that legit shocked me, it reminded me that playing the start of the game as a normal RPG had a consequence, this led me to the end and boy what an ending it is, once I finished the game I saw my dad and said, “What the hell did I just experience” and let the game for a day.

I went back to it and played through the game a 2nd time, noticing some differences to this new play through, noticing new conversion options and finishing the game with a totally new ending I didn’t know about.

As you can see, I’m trying my hardest not to spoil Undertale in this article because I wanted to explain why I felt like this was the best way to experience the game, it certainly made my best games of 2015, I listen to the soundtrack a lot in my car and I enjoy talking about the game to different people.

My problem with Undertale now, is that after the 2nd playthrough, is that I won’t play the game for a long time, I have experienced everything it has to offer and going back to it will probably be a bad idea, unlike my overall favourite game of last year – Yakuza 5,  where I can easily experience that game again and enjoy the side-quests, I don’t well the same way towards this, I feel similarly to Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Shadow of the Colossus’.

Obviously because of that, I don’t believe Undertale is the best game ever made but I’m sure glad it exists.

Thunderbirds are GO! episode 8 – 2060: A Space Odyssey


Last episode we discovered that a rogue AI that John Tracy was working on has been set loose, now it has returned to Thunderbird 5 to cause John some problems.

The episode begins with the rogue AI named ‘EOS’ has fooled John into going outside of Thunderbird 5 and it locks John so he can’t get in, the AI then takes over the communication’s of the space station and uses a fake John hologram to report to the International rescue base, that everything is fine.

John himself tries to find way to warn that the AI has taken over Thunderbird 5,  including giving signals to Lady Penelope and after a couple of attempts, they finally figure of what has happened and Alan in Thunderbird 3 is launched to rescue John and to stop this AI.

This episode really did feel like a kids version of Space Odyssey, except for the ending I guess, it’s cool that we actually see John is danger in this episode, plus we see the way he lives on the ship which was nice.

I actually thought for a moment that this episode was going to be a 2-parter after they found out that the AI had taken over Thunderbird 5 but the episode resolved fairly quickly, I actually did like how it ended, even if it’s hard to believe on what John did to the AI.


The show also did International Rescue base scenes pretty well, we also see a small glimpse of Thunderbird S doing some patrol, coming reboot, I want to see that darn thing in action!

Anyway, next week is a weekend double-bill, so more Thunderbirds to write about hurrah!

Thunderbirds are GO! episode 7 – Trains & Celebrity Alligator Wrestling

CAW1Celebrity Alligator Wrestling anime when, this better happen in 45 years Japan!

Anyway, today’s rescue involves a runaway superconductor train in Japan, brakes won’t work, soon to bash into the nearest passenger train, you get the idea.

Since the train can’t be shut down functions are blocked from the outside after John’s attempts to turn the brakes back on, so the train needs to be manually stopped, Scott who is the only one free to attempt the rescue asks for Brains help, not just as vocal support but personal as well, Brain’s response to coming along for the rescue takes much convincing but they head off in Thunderbird 1 to stop it.

From what I remember from this episode, Brain’s was slightly annoying, sure he show’s signs of nervousness and that’s understandable but just talking all the time got real tiresome.

Another thing that’s slightly frustrated in this reboot is the side-character voice acting, for example the train driver never sound’s Japanese, instead he has a Italian wise-guy voice that sounds really out of place.


However, there was some good stuff in this episode, while I like The Hood a lot, I’m glad that he wasn’t involved in this scenario, instead the cause of it was some kind of rogue AI that John attempted on a while ago & now it’s loose.

As for the rescue, I still can’t complain about this one, so far they continue to be thrilling although I always know that everything is alright in the end, again I just feel like Brain’s ramblings made me dislike bits of the episode.

So another good episode of the reboot, next time we will be heading back to SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE.

Thunderbirds are GO! episode 6 – Power out, not really something to shout about.

Virgil & Parker have so far been my favorite characters in this current reboot, so seeing them involved in this episode should mean this should be one of the best episodes, right? Well….no, it ends up being one of my least favorites for a number of reasons.

The episode starts off with Virgil & Grandma Tracy heading to London on Thunderbird 2, after some banter all of the sudden both the City of London & Thunderbird 2 suffer a unknown power outage, Virgil somehow manages to land his aircraft on the street without crashing into anything (Yeah, the wasn’t really believable) and starts to worry about his non-working electronic gadgets, however Grandma Tracy gives him vocal support, saying that you don’t need to rely on electronic vehicles or gadgets to save everyone, so with a map & compass, they start to find what caused the power outage.

TB51On the other side, Lady Penelope & Parker are also in London during the power outage & also start investigating, they find posters of a group called ‘The Luddites’ who are a anti-technology group. They manage to find a couple of the henchmen & disguise themselves in order to find out this groups master plan.

Obviously the message to kids here is simple, we are starting to see them grow up in an age of electronic devices that can help people and this has lead to somethings forgetting about physical survival skills, it’s most likely the only reason why Grandma Tracy is in this episode at all, I get it but I wish her character would stop being 75% comic relief, I’m worried that the bad cooking joke will continue through out the season.TB52As for the episode it self, because most of it was on foot, the episode ended up being less exciting on my end, the CG was alright here actually but no cool stuff was shown in this episode I think, even Parker was pretty quiet I’m afraid. The twist at the end was predictable as well.

Ah well, it was alright episode anyway, at least we saw more badass Virgil climbing construction cranes without any safety gear..wait…VIRGIL YOU CRAZY GUY.