Ranking the 25 Ninja Slayer Ending themes.

vlcsnap-2015-12-31-16h46m14s721For me, there is no question that Ninja Slayer From Animation provided some of the best Ending themes of the year and should be recognized for that, sure all that is animated is a up crawl between some buildings with some of the characters that are featured in a certain episode and it’s nothing compared to something like Blood Blockade Battlefront ending.

So since I’m going to be home for all of New Years Eve, I’m going to finish the year off by ranking all the Ninja Slayer Endings and providing my thoughts on all of them, sadly I can’t link all of the tracks on here but you can check the TV versions out on Viewster or Funimation.

So lets start this WASSHOI!

#25 – Episode 12 – NEO CYBER MADNESS by skillkills

This is at the bottom because this song just goes over my head, plus rap isn’t my favorite genre to listen to, this song is just messy and I after multiple listens, I can’t get into it, there is nothing in this song that interests me, sorry Skillkills.

#24 – Episode 20 – Doro no Ame by Ningen Isu

One of the slowest endings of Ninja Slayer and one of my least favorite, not to say that this song is bad at all, the vocals are good and when it hits it’s groove, it can be entertaining but it hits a brick wall by the end of it, it’s a frustrating song and I just can’t get into it but that can just be my taste

#23 – Episode 24 – KHAKKHARA by Sawagi

The first of are instrumentals, the theme has a electronic build-up that succeeds in making you bang your head, the drumming is pretty frikken sweet as well, especially at the end of the song, it’s biggest problem is that the full version does the exact same thing twice which unfortunately makes this more forgettable compared to most on this list, thus why it’s at 24.

#22 – Episode 14 – Mondana (NINJA MIX)  by Akai Koen

Mondana is the closest being a ‘generic ED J-pop theme’ but it being a Ninja Mix helps the song alot, the mix of instruments you would here in Ninja media helps the song be more than that but all it does is make it decent.

#21 – Episode 21 – Hight Speed by MOJA

The last ‘decent’ song on my list is Hight Speed, it’s a nuts song at the start but it randomly fumbles around half-way until it picks up again, its just that bit that ruins an otherwise good hard rock song.

#20 – Episode 10: Jag Jag by Sawagi

I like this one more than Sawagi’s other entry but it’s still a bit bland to listen to, it’s got some good build-up, I like the riff and how the song explodes with instruments at the mid-point but that’s about it.

#19 – Episode 05 – RADIO by 6EYES

This one has grown on me, the vocals aren’t the best but I love the instrumental that happens at the end of the song, it has this pretty sweet guitar solo and with a hard hitting ending, I like it.

#18 – Episode 25 – JETT REASON by Guitar Wolf

I have no idea how this song has made it to this spot but hey, shows that I like mental punk rock, featured in the parody ‘re-cap’ episode, this song is insane, Guitar Wolf go all out with this theme, what you are listening to is actually the full song of it, I sometimes wish what a longer version would be like, maybe I shouldn’t be wishing for that.

#17 – Episode 19 – Alone by SCAM CIRCLE

Mellow as hell this theme, an electronic instrumental that features a interesting addition of xylophone (or chimes, i’m not 100% sure), it really sells the song, a good song to put on some headphones and relax.

#16 – Episode 13: “Purple My Ghost” by Drop’s (ep 13)

Some really cool soul rock next for anyone into that, Drop’s female vocalist sounds really good here and while it could be higher, I just don’t listen to it compared to others on here, it’s good stuff.

#15 – Episode 11: Aurashi No Ken by Boris 

I like Boris Instrumental track more for it’s full ED version which is full of YEEART’S and YEEEEEEEEEART’S, forgive me, at least it’s a good head banger.

#14 – Episode 09: Hide by 80KIDZ

Hide is a mechanical raw instrumental theme, it’s grown on me quite a bit, it can be a bit repetitive which is a slight flaw but I enjoy listening to it in my car.

#13 – Episode 18 – Dr.K by taffy

I like Taffy alot and hearing that they would be doing a 2nd ending, I was excited to hear what they would put out, it’s not as good as the 1st ED they did but it’s still a charming little song.

#12 – Episode 17 – TEAR OF THE PIERROT by MINE (ep 17)

Much like my thoughts on Mondana, this feels like another boring J-pop song however, this is such a guilty pleasure, I love this guitar in this song, it’s amazing, it’s also vocally pleasing and doesn’t outstay it’s welcome on the full ED, I really like this one.

#11 – Episode 07 – Ninja Prayer by Shinichi Osawa

What I really like about this theme is it’s simplicity, a very quiet theme that sounds really good, probably my favorite out of the electronic instrumentals, great to hum to as well.

#10 – Episode 15 – Fantastic Magic by TK from Ling Tosite SIGURE

Top 10 is where it became very difficult to rank, Fantastic Magic is at number 10 due to it sounding like another TK track, it’s still a brilliant track though, it has that energy especially in the chorus. I was even surprised that he even had a ED on Ninja Slayer.

#9 – Episode 22 – Sick Hack- Ninsatsu Ver. by memento mori

I must again evoke again that I’m not a fan of rap but I do really like it in this track, it’s actually a rock song I would listen to in the 90’s, the full track is totally worth listening to, full of energy and soul, it’s really good stuff.

#8 – Episode 8 – Suicidal Bunny by taffy

The best Taffy song, at first I thought the drone guitars and the vocals didn’t fit this but it’s grown on my throughout the summer, I also like how the chorus builds up, worth hunting down the full version of this.

#7 – Episode 6 – Ninja Slayer by ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK


#6 – Episode 1 (and 26) – Kilmister by Boris

Boris brought there A-game to the first Ninja Slayer ED, if this was going to be the only ending a Ninja Slayer, I would of been satisfied, full rock’n’roll which make me shout “WOO!” during it, love it.

#5 – Episode 16 – NINJA SOUL by GEEKS

This song is amazing, a bit of Queen in there surprisingly but it’s a full on rock song, it very rarely stops and I love it, one of the best ED’s of the second half of Ninja Slayer alongside one of my controversial picks…

#4 – Episode 23 – Body by Lillies and Remains 

… you see I love Interpol, Joy Division, Editors which are all similar in sound, same now goes to Lillies and Remains, this song is really cool and I love it to bits, it’s also one of the songs that is fully English, sure there is more entertaining tracks above but somehow I can’t stop listening to this.

#3 – Episode 3 – Gekijou Shihainin no Theme by The Pinballs

This was my overall favorite song for a long time, I would listen to the TV version of this song a ton and I still love it’s energy, after listening to the Full version, it hasn’t wow’ed me as much as the 1st listen but it’s still brilliant

#2 – Episode 2 – Halo Of Sorrow From ANIMATION by Melt-Banana

I thought Boris’s ED was great, then I heard this a week later and boy I was blown away, this is what I wanted to see more from anime endings and Trigger delivered by allowing Melt-banana to make a track, I love how insane this track is and I am firmly a fan of this band now.

#1 – Episode 4 – SRKEEN by 8otto 

This track is pure funk rock & I can listen to this track for months and never get bored of it, the full track of this song is phenomenal, the chorus is catchy which makes me shout “OH YEAH!, OH YEAH!”, it’s easily my favorite ending of Ninja Slayer.

Sadly I don’t think we will get a 2nd season of Ninja Slayer but if they do, I really hope they do something similar, most of the music is varied and fun to listen to, I have purchased both the ED compilation albums and will be in my collection for a very long time.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on this, Happy New Year to everyone!