I Play PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Like A Metal Gear Solid Game.


I decided to talk about my experiences playing early access hit PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds because I’m probably playing the game much different than most players and because of this, not only am I enjoying the game in a strange way but I’m also finding success with top 10 finishes and a few chicken dinners.

Lets just get this out of the way, so far, I suck at Battlegrounds, my kill rate averages around 1 kill per game, I lose the edge on my opponents, they kill me with ease most of the time and lets not talk about the accidental kills I’ve done.

So what I decided to do is have a think about my play style and learn things my opponents DON’T do & what spots are never searched. Thus, with my new found strategy, I gave it a shot.

This involves a lot of planning and I will admit – Luck, I always seem to stick to the south island near the bridges and boating to different places so my opponents don’t see me, then when the circle closes in, I either crouch walk or prone, depending on the situation.

Sadly, my nerves start to kick in around top 10, but I’ve done well to get these high place finishes whenever I can, some of my favorite moments involve these heated battles.

It was this week on Tuesday is where my strategy saw success getting my first ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!’, basically I stuck to my role, I managed get a lucky kill somewhere along the way & my final opponent hid behind a tree while I prone snuck to the safe circle while my opponent was stuck outside it and in a panic ran straight towards me & get me that game win.

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds truly makes that moment feel special somehow, it’s one of my moments in gaming, just the way I shout “YES!” ten-twenty times.


I kind of thought more about it more now & I thought “Hey, I’m playing this like a Metal Gear Solid” game, it really did hit me, I’m playing PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds like a stealth game.

I’m grabbing useful weapons (Although I hardly use them), I’m trying my darn hardest not to get spotted and I’m hiding in the grass much like I was doing in MGS3.

I kind of what to stick to this play style as long as I can, it fits me like a glove, I got my 2nd Chicken dinner yesterday, thanks to my last 2 opponents pretty much killing each other near the hospital.

So I’ve made my mark, maybe I’ll start turning on the MGS theme or Snake Eater while I play more often.



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