Me and my birthmark


I kind of wanted to create this blog post for a while now, I hardly write any of my social life on any media or the blog posts i’ve created on hear, still I wanted to write about something that i’ve had for all my life and that is my birthmark.

I was born with a mole on the right side of my mouth, my parents never really said anything about it when I was an infant and neither did I really, everyone treated me as normally and obviously that was expected.

The same can be said for most of my primary school life in Erdington, although questions started to pop up on it like “What’s that on your mouth” and I would always say that “It’s a birthmark” and nothing else.

It wasn’t until secondary school where things really started to get bad and bullying came into effect, I also hardly made any friends, I did make one but he made me into a bit of an idiot and we fell out in a year.

My parents offered me to remove the mole if I wanted but I refused due to – 1) Not wanting to go to a hospital. 2) Didn’t want them to pay a ton of money for it.

Secondary School got better in Birmingham surprisingly and met a group of really good friends that got me into rock music but I soon transferred to the countryside in 2002 and where I’m living now.

The 2nd half of Secondary School in a new school again was a mix of my awkward behavior which lead me to being took the mick out of but the overall worst of it came around 2002 -2004.

You see, in 2002 there was a sequel movie that came out – Austin Powers in Goldmember that was extremely popular with teenagers around my age:

It wasn’t long until kids, young & old teenagers at school or in towns started to do the “MOLELY,MOLELY,MOLELY,MOLELY” joke to me and it was insufferable for a while, I’d hear it every week, I still liked that movie when I watched it in the end but I really hated what that movie did to my social life.

This never stopped me going to school though, maybe I asked for a few sick days but I never suffered any depression, I think that’s thanks to video games actually.

Thankfully the rest of my school life got much better once everyone stopped watching it, I still got the mole joke occasionally but I met friends that defended me from it.

Now-a-days I’m really glad that I never got it removed, it’s something that makes me easily recognizable to anyone that hasn’t personally met me before, especially on twitter.

I’m kind of thankful that I have it now and long may it stay there.