My Thoughts On Undertale.


Since I played Undertale, I’ve noticed a bunch of let’s play’s and reviews that have featured this, it’s one of the most talked about indie games of last year, so I decided to write my thoughts on the game and my feelings towards it.

When it was released back in September, I did see plenty of praise from critics but I didn’t take any notice, mostly due to the art design, I have played a bunch of retro style plat-formers throughout the years and seeing another 16-bit inspired game didn’t interest me, plus it was pitched to me being a tribute to Earthbound, which I never played (I will soon).

It wasn’t until small internet talk and twitter re-tweets when I finally started to take notice, the only thing I knew before is the character Papyrus and his design, obviously there must of been much more to that character rather then him looking like a superhero skeleton, so I decided to wait for a Steam sale.

During the Winter Steam sale, I finally bought it and installed it, ready to play, thankfully I still felt like I  didn’t know what this game was going to offer me, except for maybe watching the 1st 10 minutes of the Giant Bomb Quick Look.

I played through Undertale as any other RPG, I knew there was a ‘Spare’ mechanic but I wasn’t shy to fight some of the monsters that came my way, again playing it as it was a normal game. Obviously I was exploring, talking to NPC’s and really liking the comedy that was offered, so I was enjoying the early parts of the game.

It was until a boss at the mid-point of the game where I got a certain phone-call where I finally thought “Am I playing this game right or is it just me?”, It was the first time I went back to a boss and looked at the battle a different way and felt rewarded for it.

After that I decided to save all the monsters until I got to the end game, even taking my time on the boss battles (Game Over’s were plenty) until I got to the end game stuff.

The soundtrack was also going in high gear, I love most of the late game music of Undertale, there is a moment where you walk through a long section of the game and I could feel goosebumps in my chest.

Then there is the big twist at the end of Undertale that legit shocked me, it reminded me that playing the start of the game as a normal RPG had a consequence, this led me to the end and boy what an ending it is, once I finished the game I saw my dad and said, “What the hell did I just experience” and let the game for a day.

I went back to it and played through the game a 2nd time, noticing some differences to this new play through, noticing new conversion options and finishing the game with a totally new ending I didn’t know about.

As you can see, I’m trying my hardest not to spoil Undertale in this article because I wanted to explain why I felt like this was the best way to experience the game, it certainly made my best games of 2015, I listen to the soundtrack a lot in my car and I enjoy talking about the game to different people.

My problem with Undertale now, is that after the 2nd playthrough, is that I won’t play the game for a long time, I have experienced everything it has to offer and going back to it will probably be a bad idea, unlike my overall favourite game of last year – Yakuza 5,  where I can easily experience that game again and enjoy the side-quests, I don’t well the same way towards this, I feel similarly to Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Shadow of the Colossus’.

Obviously because of that, I don’t believe Undertale is the best game ever made but I’m sure glad it exists.