Thunderbirds are GO! episode 8 – 2060: A Space Odyssey


Last episode we discovered that a rogue AI that John Tracy was working on has been set loose, now it has returned to Thunderbird 5 to cause John some problems.

The episode begins with the rogue AI named ‘EOS’ has fooled John into going outside of Thunderbird 5 and it locks John so he can’t get in, the AI then takes over the communication’s of the space station and uses a fake John hologram to report to the International rescue base, that everything is fine.

John himself tries to find way to warn that the AI has taken over Thunderbird 5,  including giving signals to Lady Penelope and after a couple of attempts, they finally figure of what has happened and Alan in Thunderbird 3 is launched to rescue John and to stop this AI.

This episode really did feel like a kids version of Space Odyssey, except for the ending I guess, it’s cool that we actually see John is danger in this episode, plus we see the way he lives on the ship which was nice.

I actually thought for a moment that this episode was going to be a 2-parter after they found out that the AI had taken over Thunderbird 5 but the episode resolved fairly quickly, I actually did like how it ended, even if it’s hard to believe on what John did to the AI.


The show also did International Rescue base scenes pretty well, we also see a small glimpse of Thunderbird S doing some patrol, coming reboot, I want to see that darn thing in action!

Anyway, next week is a weekend double-bill, so more Thunderbirds to write about hurrah!


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