Thunderbirds are GO! episode 5 – One Escape Pod


Episode five was pretty entertaining for the most part, since this was a basic “steal an airplane” episode, it also featured our new protagonist “Kayo” in her individual international rescue.

The Plot is simple, A new developed plane has been stolen soon after take off and is blocked by sonar soon after, we find out that The Hood was disguised as the captain and changes the course to his lair so he can get his hands on the new tech on the plane, as captain he tell’s the passengers to put there gas masks on but is filled with sleeping gas, he fool’s everyone but Kayo, who has been on the plane but hinders his plan.

Kayo attempts to stop The Hood which end’s up near the fuel supply but Kayo accidentally hits it and causes a fuel leak, causing damage to the plane, it is here that The Hood escapes in ONLY escape pod on the ship and it is up to her to safety land the plane with the later help from the Tracy family.

What I continue to really like about the reboot is the ship designs, they remain faithful to the ships from the old show, these futuristic ships always seem cool to me, good on you reboot.


Also reboot, thank you for bringing back the old fast danger music, it’s also nice to see it used once rather than multiple times, while I personally don’t like the reboot soundtrack, good on them for not relying on nostalgia all the time.

I also liked the attempted landing sequences, the one that involved Thunderbird 2’s landing pod, to help land the plane was really tense, so yeah, another great moment.

Negative moments are easy for me, “WHY WAS THERE ONLY ONE ESCAPE POD”, sure it’s a plot device to let The Hood escape but if there was a real emergency with no chance to land, who gets the escape pod?


Secondly, I know Kayo is new & all but her speech on giving up was lame, with all those sleeping passengers on board, I thought that was a lame part of her character, hopefully Thunderbird S will sort that out soon, thank god Virgil was there as usual to save them.

So yeah, sorry for the delay on this, I’m hoping to get episode six done this week!


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