Thunderbirds are GO! episode 8 – 2060: A Space Odyssey


Last episode we discovered that a rogue AI that John Tracy was working on has been set loose, now it has returned to Thunderbird 5 to cause John some problems.

The episode begins with the rogue AI named ‘EOS’ has fooled John into going outside of Thunderbird 5 and it locks John so he can’t get in, the AI then takes over the communication’s of the space station and uses a fake John hologram to report to the International rescue base, that everything is fine.

John himself tries to find way to warn that the AI has taken over Thunderbird 5,  including giving signals to Lady Penelope and after a couple of attempts, they finally figure of what has happened and Alan in Thunderbird 3 is launched to rescue John and to stop this AI.

This episode really did feel like a kids version of Space Odyssey, except for the ending I guess, it’s cool that we actually see John is danger in this episode, plus we see the way he lives on the ship which was nice.

I actually thought for a moment that this episode was going to be a 2-parter after they found out that the AI had taken over Thunderbird 5 but the episode resolved fairly quickly, I actually did like how it ended, even if it’s hard to believe on what John did to the AI.


The show also did International Rescue base scenes pretty well, we also see a small glimpse of Thunderbird S doing some patrol, coming reboot, I want to see that darn thing in action!

Anyway, next week is a weekend double-bill, so more Thunderbirds to write about hurrah!


Thunderbirds are GO! episode 7 – Trains & Celebrity Alligator Wrestling

CAW1Celebrity Alligator Wrestling anime when, this better happen in 45 years Japan!

Anyway, today’s rescue involves a runaway superconductor train in Japan, brakes won’t work, soon to bash into the nearest passenger train, you get the idea.

Since the train can’t be shut down functions are blocked from the outside after John’s attempts to turn the brakes back on, so the train needs to be manually stopped, Scott who is the only one free to attempt the rescue asks for Brains help, not just as vocal support but personal as well, Brain’s response to coming along for the rescue takes much convincing but they head off in Thunderbird 1 to stop it.

From what I remember from this episode, Brain’s was slightly annoying, sure he show’s signs of nervousness and that’s understandable but just talking all the time got real tiresome.

Another thing that’s slightly frustrated in this reboot is the side-character voice acting, for example the train driver never sound’s Japanese, instead he has a Italian wise-guy voice that sounds really out of place.


However, there was some good stuff in this episode, while I like The Hood a lot, I’m glad that he wasn’t involved in this scenario, instead the cause of it was some kind of rogue AI that John attempted on a while ago & now it’s loose.

As for the rescue, I still can’t complain about this one, so far they continue to be thrilling although I always know that everything is alright in the end, again I just feel like Brain’s ramblings made me dislike bits of the episode.

So another good episode of the reboot, next time we will be heading back to SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE.

Thunderbirds are GO! episode 6 – Power out, not really something to shout about.

Virgil & Parker have so far been my favorite characters in this current reboot, so seeing them involved in this episode should mean this should be one of the best episodes, right? Well….no, it ends up being one of my least favorites for a number of reasons.

The episode starts off with Virgil & Grandma Tracy heading to London on Thunderbird 2, after some banter all of the sudden both the City of London & Thunderbird 2 suffer a unknown power outage, Virgil somehow manages to land his aircraft on the street without crashing into anything (Yeah, the wasn’t really believable) and starts to worry about his non-working electronic gadgets, however Grandma Tracy gives him vocal support, saying that you don’t need to rely on electronic vehicles or gadgets to save everyone, so with a map & compass, they start to find what caused the power outage.

TB51On the other side, Lady Penelope & Parker are also in London during the power outage & also start investigating, they find posters of a group called ‘The Luddites’ who are a anti-technology group. They manage to find a couple of the henchmen & disguise themselves in order to find out this groups master plan.

Obviously the message to kids here is simple, we are starting to see them grow up in an age of electronic devices that can help people and this has lead to somethings forgetting about physical survival skills, it’s most likely the only reason why Grandma Tracy is in this episode at all, I get it but I wish her character would stop being 75% comic relief, I’m worried that the bad cooking joke will continue through out the season.TB52As for the episode it self, because most of it was on foot, the episode ended up being less exciting on my end, the CG was alright here actually but no cool stuff was shown in this episode I think, even Parker was pretty quiet I’m afraid. The twist at the end was predictable as well.

Ah well, it was alright episode anyway, at least we saw more badass Virgil climbing construction cranes without any safety gear..wait…VIRGIL YOU CRAZY GUY.

Thunderbirds are GO! episode 5 – One Escape Pod


Episode five was pretty entertaining for the most part, since this was a basic “steal an airplane” episode, it also featured our new protagonist “Kayo” in her individual international rescue.

The Plot is simple, A new developed plane has been stolen soon after take off and is blocked by sonar soon after, we find out that The Hood was disguised as the captain and changes the course to his lair so he can get his hands on the new tech on the plane, as captain he tell’s the passengers to put there gas masks on but is filled with sleeping gas, he fool’s everyone but Kayo, who has been on the plane but hinders his plan.

Kayo attempts to stop The Hood which end’s up near the fuel supply but Kayo accidentally hits it and causes a fuel leak, causing damage to the plane, it is here that The Hood escapes in ONLY escape pod on the ship and it is up to her to safety land the plane with the later help from the Tracy family.

What I continue to really like about the reboot is the ship designs, they remain faithful to the ships from the old show, these futuristic ships always seem cool to me, good on you reboot.


Also reboot, thank you for bringing back the old fast danger music, it’s also nice to see it used once rather than multiple times, while I personally don’t like the reboot soundtrack, good on them for not relying on nostalgia all the time.

I also liked the attempted landing sequences, the one that involved Thunderbird 2’s landing pod, to help land the plane was really tense, so yeah, another great moment.

Negative moments are easy for me, “WHY WAS THERE ONLY ONE ESCAPE POD”, sure it’s a plot device to let The Hood escape but if there was a real emergency with no chance to land, who gets the escape pod?


Secondly, I know Kayo is new & all but her speech on giving up was lame, with all those sleeping passengers on board, I thought that was a lame part of her character, hopefully Thunderbird S will sort that out soon, thank god Virgil was there as usual to save them.

So yeah, sorry for the delay on this, I’m hoping to get episode six done this week!