Thunderbirds are GO! episode 4 – I’M (not that) NUCLEAR.

Episode 4 was a bit of a whimper here, it was terrible by any means but it lacked on what made the last episode exciting & thrilling.

This disaster starts with an unknown person entering a closed nuclear facility in the middle of a desert which has been closed for 20-years, this cause’s the radiation to leak outside of the building which gets Thunderbird 5 – John Tracy’s attention, so both Thunderbird 1 & 2 are sent to investigate & shut down the place before a storm carries the radiation to a nearby city.


This is a Scott Tracy episode for the most part, since he goes into the nuclear facility in person to investigate the facility & find out why this unknown character entered it, which leads to him to discover a female scientist who wants the uranium pods to sell them to The Hood. This is honestly an unlikeable character even though she does receive some back story about how nuclear power was abolished & how it destroyed her family business, I didn’t really care.

I do kind of dig the message to kids although I’m not deep into Thunderbird lore, in a world that stopped producing nuclear power – radiation is dangerous yo, plus the usual “Don’t sacrifice yourself for this” message that has been done a million times in other kid shows.


Scott wasn’t really good in this either, I’m not honestly a fan of his voice actor, plus the jokes that are attempted here fall flat, except for one adult joke (if that was one, I dunno), Vergil was cool as heck for the short time his in it though, maybe he should become the leader. Also I couldn’t ignore the plot-holes in this episode, sure it is explained that Scott’s suit can withstand the radiation but I don’t think finger-less sleeves is a good idea.

I liked The Hood’s reaction at the end of the episode though, that was another decent bit of humour. Still, I got through the episode fine but I hope for a bit more improvement next time.


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