My top five worst anime of 2012

cereal-guy-newspaper-guy-lBoth these lists are 6 months overdue but I promised myself to finally do these, starting with the worst, one rule I have set myself is that I must of finished the TV show or movie, so stuff I dropped in 2012 will not make the list.

It was a very easy to pick my worst anime but hard for me to place them but I think I have an idea were they will land, so here we go

5. Senki Zesshō Symphogear Symphogear262

Symphogear is one of those ridiculous actions shows that threw logic out the window for the most part and felt like more of a joke with all the poorly done drama and surprising amount of gore that I just couldn’t take seriously.

The show isn’t higher on the list because, I will admit (as you can see by the tweet quote) I had fun taking the mick out of some of the characters, the commander character I certainly will remember.

Still, I consider Symphogear to be a bad anime none-the-less, boring characters, a forgettable antagonist and stupid enemy designs. Will I be watching the sequel? If Chuck Norris appears, then yes.

4. Nerawareta Gakuen

maxresdefaultMy feelings on this movie are all contained in this review I did for Anime UK News:

The only thing I can add to my thoughts on this bad movie, is that Nerawareta Gakuen had some novels that supposedly were prequels to this movie, I would like to read these if I can in the future but my feelings towards this film will not change for a long time.

3. WHO IS IMOUTO!? (My Little Sister is among them)


This anime is as generic as you can get but it’s all the incest and homophobia, that really make me feel angry at most of the characters, I can’t count how many times that this show panders showing breasts, undergarments and as much flesh as they can get away with, it’s also lazy when it comes to the drama.

However, it’s one of the shows I would never recommend to anyone and with no sign of a sequel, we can only hope this will be a forgotten piece of turd in the years to come.

Also the drivers in this show are fricking insane.

2. So, I can’t play H?


While I dislike a lot in Who Is Imouto, I really despise this anime, characters in show change personalities way to often, the main characters development goes like this: Pervert for five episode – Changes to a pathetic useless character until the last episode –  unnaturally changes back into his perverted self in the last episode. So screw character development right!?

The female character is mostly mean-spirited, I don’t mind tsundere’s but she one of the worst, she also feels unless as a reaper, getting beaten until the MC appears to help her.

Hated the characters, Hated the plot, Mediocre animation and a pathetic ending, I thought this was my worst anime of the year but…..

1. Knight In The Area


…I just could not stop putting this at number one, no matter what, there is so much I loathe about Knight In The Area: The stupid, annoying characters, the awful animation, the way it  pander to otaku where it shouldn’t, the stupid love triangle that is hinted at but never really develops, the stupid commentators. It was so painful for me to watch.

So why is this ultimately my worst of the year, 37 episodes, I had to sit through all that, just to get an ending that didn’t conclude anything, it just stops at what looked to be an important tournament.

It wasn’t really watched by anyone, so I’m glad about that, Knight In The Area is abysmal and shouldn’t be watched by anyone, even if your interested in football (soccer).