My fascination on Miiverse Pictures.

hidamari_sketch_miyako_girl_blonde_pencil_gesture_background_29486_1440x900Lets get this something out of the gate here, I’m no artist and I never plan to be, but i’ve always enjoyed going on Miiverse on my Wii-U and thinking – “I might draw something that’s on my mind”, so I get my Wii-U tablet, go on the Youtube community and start drawing.

While I have shaky hands, I do well enough to draw my thoughts on a particular moments on a game or anime,  I first started with some Super Mario Bros U pictures, doing parodies on bosses and different events:

paintingThis was back in November so as month’s passed by, the more I stopped using my console, it was then that I saw the Youtube Miiverse Community doing some really amazing pictures from TV shows, memes and anime, so I decided to join in with this, doing some pictures of stuff I really like at the moment.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure began this trend, when Part Two started airing, Ceaser did his pose in episode 14:

jojos-bizarre-adventure-joseph-caesar-posing-460x258I draw myself doing that pose (I struggle to draw hands):

painting2Since then I have tried to do at least one monthly, my favorites so far are my tribute to Studio Triggers ‘Inferno Cop’ anime series which aired on Youtube and probably my best drawing:

painting3My other favorite was created from the controversy surrounding the Flowers Of Evil anime series and the rotoscoping behind it, although I found it an interesting choice, I took the mick out of the Flower Of Evil waking in Takao:

zlCfzQ8x1dYAy1vU4WSo that’s it so far, I hope continue to do this on more anime series in the future, so I will leave you with my latest creation from episode seven of Flowers Of Evil:zlCfzQ_2XSQMNdIbKT


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