Five reasons why I hate the on-going Knight In The Area anime series


Back in the Winter 2011/2012, I was slightly intrigued by this series and that’s mainly because of the fantastic ‘Giant Killing’ anime that aired back in 2010. Ever since that aired, we haven’t had a football anime for a while, so I thought this series would bring some football anime excitement back into me, however throughout the Winter and Spring season, Knight In The Area not only has been a disappointment but has been borderline bad in many area’s, so instead of doing a review at this point, I’m going to fill you in on five reasons why I feel the series is currently awful and hopefully get some feedback to anyone else who is watching it.

1) I dislike every single character (except for this guy)


This is a really strange reason to be honest, I don’t like Kakeru as a main character due to his obsessive brother talks and his dense character, while Seven is a nice and supportive character, I don’t see any depth in her at all making her uninteresting and most of the Enoshima players (including Araki) are either going to stay underdeveloped or remain bloody annoying (see the spiky haired Kouta). However saying all of that, there is one character that stands out.

Michirou Takase is a character that used to be in the strict Enoshima football team in the beginning of the series, a huge attacking player that can use his height as an advantage to score headers, this is easily shown in the early training episodes. As episodes go on the easy-going and the strict taught Enoshima football team decide to merge together to make one team, the strict players of course aren’t please with this

However as merge happened, Takase found out that the easy-going players could easily take the ball of him due to him not protecting the ball not so well, understanding his weakness, he decides to leave training for the day, both Kakeru & Seven see that his upset and worry that a decent attacking player could leave the team, so after school they go to his house.

While his not in the house, it is their and a talk with Takase’s older brother, that we find out that he used to be a awarding winning basketball player in the past but due to the families tight financial problems, Takase took to becoming a professional football player, he choose this since the money footballers gain could support his family, unlike basketball which is not-so popular in Japan, thus becoming a professional basketball would be as beneficial.

By the end of episode 11, we find that Takase is in the playground that Kakeru & Seven practice, to train himself, giving some resolve while becoming one of the first players to fit into the easy-going players. Sure it’s a bit selfish of him but his dream is actually believable and it’s such a shame that we hardly see him compared to other characters, his the only character I do like, it’s too bad that I see everyone else act like idiots.

2) The football commenters.


ImageFootball commenters are supposed to be professionals that report on a match, not the most exciting job but ‘Giant Killing’ did this in interesting way, talking about various tactics and player emotions making it feel right for me, the Knight in the Area commenters gets some of the tactic talk right but that’s it, there loud, perverted and insulting making most of them unbelievable and damn right ANNOYING. Making them one of the worst aspects of the series.

The random stupid DJ commenter in the latest episode is the last straw for me, it made me cringe so badly, while one of the male commenters reporting on a women football match (No woman commenter may I add) acts like a over-reactive pervert that is really unwatchable. I don’t know if these kind of characters are supposed to appeal to teenagers or otaku but it’s just so unbearable and then comes the official Enoshima commenter…

The Enoshima commenter is always at every Enoshima match and is voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi who some will know him from series such as Clannad and Gintama. Now when I think of a footy commenters, they provide interesting talk about the match in a casual way until a team has a chance to score. The problem with Enoshima commenter is that he shouts all the time, he shouts at everything – when a player passes the ball, when he shouts at what I already know multiple times. It’s these kind of moments that really get me irritated, I don’t feel like I’m overreacting since in long Enoshima matches, all I can remember is his loud, unbearable shouting.

3) How everyone shouts what they are going to do in a football match.

Much like my commenter point, the players are guilty of just stating the obvious, they don’t think about it but they shout it out instead – every action that a player takes, he shouts it and opposing player will most likely shout what his going to do as well (for example a tackle). So you see most of the players shouting their actions like – “I’m going to tackle you” then it will trigger a response like “I won’t let you”, this happens way too often and I really hate it.

I hate it because I feel that Knight Of The Area is treating me like an idiot, I know that this might be done because of people who don’t know the rules of football but I really don’t see the reason why these players shout out what their going to do, I rather see players shout for the ball rather than shout that there about stop a goal from being scored.

It just happens in every match I see and when you watch more and more of these matches, the more frustrating it gets.

4) Kakeru’s Harem, wait, why does this exist?

Kakeru and Seven are childhood friends, both are close to each other and it clearly shows even in the early episodes, so at least maybe in the future of the series, there might be some natural romantic development, that would have been fine, but in comes Murasaki to try to get close to Kakeru.

This annoys me for two reasons, one is that Kakeru falls into the anime trope of being dense, I can clearly see that Seven and Murasaki have feelings for him but he has no idea at all and it keeps on happening now, Murasaki clings to Kakeru – Seven gets annoyed.

The other is basically what I’ve said in the title, why do we need this? Why is this romance, that doesn’t look to be resolved any time soon and has had no development at the start of the third cour of the series. It’s again another part of the series I dislike.

Although Knight In The Area could become a Shounen AI with a Kakeru x Silva pairing….stupid sexy Silva.

5) Knight In The Area doesn’t excite me as a football anime

Knight In The Area’s biggest crime though, is that I don’t care about the Enoshima team, as said I don’t like the characters and I don’t like there commenter, I should be rooting for them but I’m not, when they score a goal I sit in my chair with no emotion, this is what football anime shouldn’t be, sure the Enoshima team aren’t going to win every single match but I just don’t care anymore, enough that I feel like dropping the series.

So why after all this ranting, have I continued to watch it. I don’t know if I’m to be honest, it’s something to watch on a Saturday morning and now that I’m this far into it, I just can’t see myself stopping, even if I really want to.