Liked the Nisemonogatari 2nd Opening? You may like…..

Lets start the year off with a “You may like…” blog post, the winter 2012 anime season has begun and I haven’t really got into most of them, but, this opening stands to me for being so awesome in both it’s visual presentation and it’s music, its the 2nd OP to SHAFT’s Nisemonogatari:

It pretty much great all round, beautiful to watch with all the colours showing in all directions, it’s eyecatching and really fun to watch. The song “Marshmallow Justice by Eri Kitamura”  is also awesome, it has a lot of catchy moments and it has plenty of energy as well with it’s trumpets and guitar, which reminded me of something.

If you liked this opening, then look no futher than the ska-rock genre, even if the genre has been dead for sometime now, it made me listen to bands like Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish again.

Its great to see SHAFT revive a music genre that I have missed for quite some time, roll on the full opening.