Liked the Tiger and Bunny 2nd Opening? You may like…..

While I found the first Tiger and Bunny opening a bit more memorable, the 2nd one “Missing Link” performed by NOVELS was another great tune that not long grew on me:

Now the intro chords to this reminded me of a song from an album I haven’t heard in a long time, I now remember it was “¡Forward, Russia! – Fifteen Pt 1” for their debut album “Give Me A Wall”

While ¡Forward, Russia! aren’t the most accessible band in the world but Fifteen Pt 1 is one of passionate songs off the album and it was thanks to NOVELS for reminding me of it! Give it a listen ^_^


Anime Opening or Closing you like? You may like this track! Reevo Suggests…

To start off my new blog, I want to do at least something short and something I will enjoy, many of you know my current love for anime and music, as my previous blog shows.

My idea comes in the form of when I post an anime Opening or Closing then I will post a song from a band that sounds familiar to that anime track, this will not be limited to UK or US bands or singers, it can any artist around the world!

So for example take The Big O’s Original Opening:

I would obviously recommend Queen’s – Flash:

With the new anime season coming in, I hope I can make some ^_^