Anime UK News Review – Review of Sekirei – The Complete Collection

“I was very surprised with Sekirei – The Complete Collection; some good light-hearted entertainment  and bearable fan-service make this breastacular anime and a recommendation for anyone interested in the series.”  7/10


Time to restart the blog timeline

Welcome to my new blog on WordPress!

It seems like my blog on gave up on my old e-mail so I can’t seem to access it which denies me any chance to type up new post’s for it, did start to look a bit old anyway for the two years i’ve been using it. Anyway you can still access it in here, if your interested: 

I hope to do more blogging in the near future including my usual Top 5 list, Anime/Manga reviews for Anime UK News and my personal opinions on the latest albums coming out around the world.

If I mess up this blog I may have to use D-mail to start again.